Tips for using the complete Bodylink System

Timex Bodylink; GPS watches
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A few Tips and Tricks I've learned when using the complete Timex Bodylink System:
- Bodylink Performance Wristwatch
- Navman II GPS Sensor
- Digital FM Heart Rate Monitor
- Data Recorder or Data Recorder 2

- First, the single, included AA battery must be properly installed in your Navman II GPS Sensor unit.  The
battery must be installed properly and the cap has a large and small slot that must be aligned properly.

- GPS Sensor unit battery strength is important!  I purchased 4 Rayovac Rechargeable AA Batteries
and a Charging Unit for about $12 at our local WalMart.  I remove and recharge the battery after
every use. That way I start out with an absolutely fresh battery every workout.

- Your chest skin needs to be wet when you put on the Heart Rate Monitor Strap to allow your skin to
conduct a signal to the strap.  Your wristwatch will sense the Heart Rate Monitor signal quickly and
display a small heart icon plus the number times per minute that your heart is beating.

- We experience a very low average of about 10 problems with heart rate monitors out of every 1,000
sales made.  5 are generally due to a bad battery, 4 are due to straps that are defective and 1 is a
problem with the wristwatch itself.

- You must generally be outdoors with a clear view of the sky to obtain a good GPS satellite signal. It
will take from 1 to 5 minutes for the GPS Sensor to lock on to the satellite(s) it will use to track your
Speed and Distance (and longitude, latitude, altitude in the case of the new Navman 3D model).

- The Navman GPS Sensor light will flash red when it is seeking contact with a satellite. It will begin
flashing green when in contact with satellite(s). 

Proper Battery Cap alignment on Navman

Proper Lacing of Elastic Strap on Navman







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